Thursday, June 14, 2007

...a day off.

Today's my day just back up. :)

A few quick updates:

- Chelios and Hasek both signed up for one more year with the Redwings!!!!

- Over 40 people came over last night for nachos with the youth group, and no one was injured, and no major stains!!!!

- Decatur Celebration has announced it's line up, which includes members of the Sugarhill Gang, and WAR!!! (and Point of Grace, sarcastic surprise and excitement)

- My wife made me coffee this morning, and it's not even Fathers' Day yet....she's pretty much the coolest wife ever.

- Addison is becoming even more animated than she was before....I love this.

- This sunday's sermon should be interesting. It involves all 4 of our pastors sitting up front, answering questions about God as it relates to Fatherhood. Lord help me to not lose my job. :)

- I finished and submitted my week of devotionals for CREDO magazine finally, to be published in August of 2008....subscribe now!

- That should be enough to keep you busy, or at least satisfy your appetite for learning more of what's going on. Still waiting on my letter from Wheel of could come any day this week.....or never. Jesus? Wanna help? :)

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Jake T said...

does your boss not read your blog?

let me tell you, it was creepy when my old boss did....