Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Life...

So it's finally public....we are expecting a NEW BABY! February 21st, 2008. We are about 8 weeks in right now, so it'll be another 12 before we can announce the gender. We are very excited! We found out on Father's Day (which was an awesome present), but wanted to wait until the first ultrasound to announce it.

Kudos to my wife, who has agreed to go on our Mission Trip with us this next week, with Addison, while being a pregnant woman. We leave tomorrow, the 15th, with a group of about 20....and she'll come back with a couple others on the 22nd. The rest of us will stay and do a GROUP workcamp until coming back finally on the 27th.

So hopefully I've blogged enough to last you until I return (to whoever reads this). Please be prayin' for our group,and for the residents of Knoxville, and Kingston, TN. God has great things in store for us!!

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