Thursday, July 12, 2007


Saw a great movie yesterday. A movie that I probably put far too much thought into. I'm not quite sure what started it, but it happened still.

"humans don't just live, they create"- a quote (I think) from the movie towards the beginning. Reminded me of something a friend of ours has been talking about lately, in regards to the elements of art and worship.

I won't go far into it, and won't even say that the movie works with this illustration throughout. You should go see this film for yourself, and allow the message to hit where it will. But I will say, watching this movie with the themes of "how humanity worships our creator", and "what is art?" in really became a rewarding experience. I would recommend this silly cartoon movie to anyone who wants a reminder, and a refresher on how to go about ascribing worth to God....or a kick in the pants to use the creative gifts we've each been given.

Just remember...."Anyone Can Cook!" We can be led into the presence of God, in so many more ways than we currently realize. How can you be a part of it?

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