Tuesday, September 18, 2007

...so there you have it. :)

The silence is finally over. :) I'm so proud of my wife and my daughter for being able to keep such a secret...I WON WHEEL OF FORTUNE! Yeah, the money is exciting, and the vacations are even better, but overall....wow, I WON Wheel of Fortune! Went all the way to the BONUS round, and triumphed. Even though it was a bit of a feminine answer, it does wonders for my male ego.

So pretty much everyone has questions about the prizes, I figured I'd answer a lot of it right here. That way, instead of giving the same response a billion times, I can just say "read my blog".

1. What did you win? We won $45,950 worth of cash AND prizes. They say we'll receive our winnings within 120 days of the show being on TV...so far we've not gotten any of it. The prize break-down is:
- $8,200 cash
- $6,750 Trip to Kauai, Hawaii (includes air, rental car, resort, food, etc)
- $1,000 vegas.com Gift Certificate (usable for air, hotel, shows, and food)
- $30,000 Bonus Cash
2. Do you owe taxes? YES, I have to pay taxes on the ENTIRE prizes value, not just on the cash. California state tax is 7%, and federal tax is about 30%. So after taxes, and giving 10% to the God who made it all possible, we'll end up with around $19,000 cash...along with the trip to Hawaii and Vegas.

3. What will you do with the money!!?? Well, we bought a new digital camera, and we're looking into getting a dishwasher. We have some debt we'll probably put some towards, and with 2 kids.....I'm sure we'll find a place for it all.

4. When are you going on your trips? Hopefully we can do a 3 day trip to Vegas before the new baby is born (to celebrate our 5 year anniversary), and then we're planning on using the big Hawaii trip next August or September. We have one year from today to use both trips. They can not be exchanged for cash, and can't be used by anyone but Sarah and I, or we forfeit them. As for babysitters, we'll probably use family here in Decatur...but feel free to apply within.

5. Don't you owe me money? No. :) (except Jake...I'll pay you soon!)

6. Did you record it? Yes, my friend Kyle rocks, and is making a DVD of it, as well as putting it in a form we can put on youtube soon hopefully. If you need a DVD of it, send a self-addressed pre-stamped dvd sized envelope to me. :)

7. How do you feel? Pretty good. The money/prizes are cool and all...but holy cow...I WON Wheel of Fortune. :) Meeting Pat and Vanna rocked too.

8. How did you get on the show? Read the blog I posted before this one. :)

It'd take forever to respond to all of the calls, e-mails, comments, etc. So I just want to say thanks to all of you so much for your kind words, wishes, prayers, and Birthday Happiness too.....I'm so glad to have each of you to share life with. I got lucky on the show...but my life is no gameshow....God has definitely blessed us. May God bless your life as well, and may we all realize how blessed we already are....(I think I just overused the word "blessed" and should now be made fun of. Go.)


Heidi Renee said...

Awesome Wick - we watched as a family and cheered on our youth pastor compatriots! My kids were just tickled that you won and are still talking about it today like they know you (like we know you better than the week at the NYWC in Cincy!) :)

Congratulations! Enjoy every minute of those holidays!

superpook84 said...

I can't tell you how loud Larry was yelling at the TV. "Scrapbook! Scrapbook!" He was about to lose it! You were amazing, and it was great seeing Pat hit on Sarah on National TV :). "I think she's amazing too and I've just met her."

Heather said...

Brad and I watched you, and I, too, was yelling "Scrapbook" at the end. Congratulations. I am sure the money comes in handy with a growing family. And while I was rooting for you, I was definitely NOT rooting for Player #1. She bugged me. Oh, and Sarah looked cute as ever. -Heather (Morgan) Dethloff

Marsha said...

It was so much fun to watch---as an ancillary family member of your sister-in-law's boyfriend, we were rooting for you from afar. Good for you Mr. Wick---Good things happen to good folks.