Monday, October 15, 2007

In combat of eros...

As a father of 2 girls...this is something that has caught my attention more than it ever has in the past.

As a young boy, girls had cooties. As an awkward pimply pre-teenage boy, girls were unattainable. As a teenage male, females were here to look good for the rest of us, using their looks to tempt or establish control. As a committed married man, this scantily clad woman of culture knocks on the door from so many different angles (movies, music, television, advertising of every nature) that men must be proactive in remaining faithful. But even as difficult as all of that's a struggle I'm familiar with. It's an issue that I and other men have grown up with, and found ways to honor God and our families by confronting/addressing.

But this other side of the issue, it scares me. The fact that my daughter will grow up on the opposite side of the fence. She will BE the little girl/teenage girl/woman that society will send millions of messages to. She is the little girl that we will love, and remind how incredibly beautiful and loved she is from even this age; in hopes that somehow, no matter her appearance or personality...will be free to be herself in Christ....beautifully.

I don't know much about this Dove Campaign ....but I do know that it has something good in it. Even if it could be viewed as just another way to sell a product....I think I like that it seems to be contributing to society. If you have a little boy...please begin to teach him how to love my daughter. Even if it doesn't end up being mine. Dang. I'm gettin' all sentimental parent-ish. I'm done for now. :)

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