Monday, May 28, 2007

...let no man put asunder.

Vacation pretty much rocks.

Let me start at the beginning. Last week, Sarah/Addie/I left wednesday night, to begin a week long trek to Virginia for my brother Larry's wedding. I was doing the wedding, and Sarah/Addie were both in the wedding (Addie was THE cutest flower girl EVER). Traveling with a baby for the first time, I realized my OCD was not my favorite aspect of myself. STRESS was the word for the week.

So yeah...we prepared for...celebrated...and the wedding happened. It's the first wedding I've ever done, and actually went well from what I can remember. Finally, we celebrated post-wedding, saw them off...and breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

I get like one vacation each year, so we decided to use being on the East coast to our advantage (thanks Larry). Through the generosity of family, we drove up the coast to Long Island, NY where we'll be staying the rest of this week before flying back thursday.

Last night was truly a "vacation night"...and was good for our souls. We walked the beach looking at shells and other things that had washed up, went over to a local seafood place where we sat outside and cracked fresh crab legs...then went to a local ice cream shop where you could tell them pretty much how to make you the perfect sundae, and they did it. Came home, finally saw the LOST-Season Finale (HOLY COW!)...and went to bed actually before it became the next day.

Slept in this morning until Addison wanted me to play at about 7:30...and am thanking God. This is good for us. My wife has deserved a vacation for a long time...and I'm actually being refreshed too. :)

Today we're heading to the BIG APPLE! I'm thinking this might not be the best time to be reading a book about our consumeristic culture, and how our faith MUST affect our economic involvement. We'll see how this goes....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the end of an era? No. Just a new fabric.

And so the Detroit Redwings have been knocked out of the playoffs, as the Anaheim Ducks advance to play the Ottawa Senators starting Monday for the Stanley Cup.

I selected this picture for a couple reasons. First is number 22, Brett Lebda. A recent addition to the Wings, but has everything it would take to become the next Lidstrom or Yzerman even. A defensive player with a thirst for getting the puck to the net, but who will sacrifice everything of himself to help out his own goalie.

Secondly, for number 39, Dominik Hasek. Wow. The Dominator. My "hat" is off to that man. He would get so bored, that he'd come out hunting for the puck. Sprawling on the ice in the butterfly or "snowman" positions, and wearing the helmet only someone who has played for 20 years would dare to wear. He retired in 2002 after winning the Stanley Cup with the Wings in 2001 Season...then returned for another short stint with them that didn't go well, played for Ottawa for a year, and came back this year. He's 42 years old, and one of the BEST goalies in the league. But he was on a 1 year contract for $750,000. He's going to take the next few weeks to decide whether he wants to accept the Redwings offer for another year or not. I hope he does...obviously.

But with Yzerman gone already, Hasek and Chelios already in their mid-40's...the Wings are becoming a new team. Not the one I grew up watching, but at the same time, they are. The longevity of these older players have allowed them to pass on certain philosophies and styles of hockey that the younger teams in the NHL would never be able to develop or train with. This team will always be my team.

We had a great year. We played a very competitive and physical game that we haven't been capable of in 5 years at least. We conquered 28 of the 30 teams in the NHL, and can lift our heads high...We are STILL the Detroit Redwings...

Monday, May 21, 2007

...I know. the Wings are currently down in the series 3 games to 2. If they lose tuesday night it's over. But if they win Tuesday night, we go to our first GAME SEVEN of the year!!! WHOO HOO. THAT would be some unbelievable hockey, no matter who wins. Hopefully it happens.

Life's been a rush lately. Not so much comparable to trying to swallow a deluge coming over a waterfall, but more like rolling the window down on an open country road and sticking your head out to enjoy the wind. Maybe catching a bug or two in your mouth along the way, but overall a very positive experience.

And it looks like the window will be open for a while longer...Wednesday night we leave for a week, which will include visiting my room-mate from college (Scot Kraemer, click the link on the right)...doing my brothers' wedding in Virginia...and a few vacation days up in New York City! Hoping to check out the Jacques Torres Chocolate Shop....that's pretty much my only goal in NYC. I've been there once before with the BURPO brothers ...but Sarah's never been. Hopefully I'll have some sort of internet access while out of state...we'll see.

I've begun reading "Religious Literacy- What Every American Needs to Know, and Doesn't". Parts of it are a bit shocking, but then again, I'm more ignorant than I realized also. This book NEEDS to change the life of it's reader. I like books like that. Probably why I'm also a big fan of La Biblia Santa also.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


For those who may have missed it....Detroit sent Anaheim back to their mom last night...with a beeeyoutiful shutout. Winning 5 to ZIP, even with some pretty significant hits being made.

Gotta give kudos to Holmstrom, who had to leave the ice for 13 stitches, and returned to finish the game. He was targeted like crazy...they know he's a HUGE enforcer for the Wings right now.

Jiggy even got removed for their 2nd line goalie, who they just recently signed out of was 3-o.....the new guy gave up 2 goals....and the end inevitable. Detroit is just the better team. It's 2 more games, and we move to play Ottawa for the cup most likely. :)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Update, Games 1 and 2

So here we are....Western Conference Finals. The winner of this 7 game series will play for the Stanley Cup! 2 Games have been played so far, both in Detroit. Detroit and Anaheim have both won one...and stand tied 1-1 in the series.

Sorry to say it, but honestly, both games were won on luck. Detroit had some very lucky goals saturday, simply by increasing traffic in front of the net.

But last night, Anaheim sent the game into Overtime by a VERY lucky play. Hasek stopped the shot, but it got caught in his pad....he couldn't see the puck, and dove back to make another save....not knowing that by crossing the plane of the goal, he actually took the puck into the net himself. Sucked to watch. But 3 is Tuesday night in Anaheim!! Look out Disney rejects!

Friday, May 11, 2007

pause before game 1...

...ever read an article that makes you want to respond immediately to it's contents? Once in a while that happens to me, and I wish I could say I follow through every time. But anyways, this morning I read from "Relevant" magazine, an article called "Laying it Down. Learning to live with less in a culture of excess." It was challenging.

Challenging as someone who has lived at various locations in the spectrum of a consumer-driven economy. Growing up on foodstamps, taking donations from churches for clothing/toys/ living "The American Dream", owning two cars, a computer, a big screen, and enough credit card debt to last my lifetime. So many moments come where I want off this ride. This article brings into focus the reasons I would love to just quit being the consumer I've been trained to be. But what am I ready to change?

"Do the RED Thing", the article brings up the RED campaign that became popular a while back...spending hundreds of millions on marketing, and raising less than 20 million for the actual cause. Ouch.

But what about an individual level? What does it mean to have "enough"? What does it mean to have too much? What excess can I begin to shed/let go of? What radical surrendering is Christ calling Chadwick Anderson to?

Do I love my daughter by spoiling her with every fun little toy possible, or love her by teaching her how to be content with little, and enabling her to give to others? These are definitely things I need to be thinking about now...and making the changes necessary now...and living towards others now.

And how about as a youth pastor? What defines a successful youth ministry/church? Tons of flat screens with video games, new couches/cafe seats, and an oversized sound/lighting system? Do I measure success by how many lives I'm able to touch? What does community look like in regards to "youth group"?

In 10 years, when the youth room looks the same, will everyone in the church appreciate that I've spent more time developing relationships than a flashy "club" or "program"? Lord help an a part of this body....and as someone who feels Your call to lead others.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Semi-Finals, Game 6

WE'RE GOING TO THE CONFERENCE FINALS!!! Detroit vs. Anaheim, friday night in Detroit...BRING IT PRONGER!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Semi-Finals, Game 5

Not much to say, beyond..."I told you so"

Holmstrom was all we needed to get back into the swing of things. Redwings are ahead now, 3 games to 2. All we need is a win in San Jose, and we've already proven we can do it. :) Monday night....See you there...GAME ON.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

beware the symbiant...

..saw Spiderman 3 last night. Just for the record, yes I thought it had a lot of cheese in it. Did I also enjoy it? Definitely. Maybe it was just because these episodes of the cartoon were always my favorite....but I thought this was the best of all 3 movies by far. Hats off to Stan Lee.

Don't you wish the main evils of our life could be dealt with in one 2.5 hour long episode? Of course, in the movie several days pass. So how about we're just enabled to press fast forward to the point where that ugly part of ourselves is conquered?

There are new websites out there, where people are enabled to confess their sins online. My initial response was, "wow, what a hip church". But as I thought about it, I don't think I'm a fan of it at all. Confession helps us to deal with the guilt that comes from doing something we believe is "wrong". When we release that guilt by confessing to a person who is in our life, or a God we believe is always with helps us stay accountable to not repeat that offense, and helps free us from the guilt in a positive way.

I'm sure it can help some....if they're truly confessing to God. But if I'm just logging on, writing out things I've done wrong, being released from guilt, and going on with my life....I think we're missing some HUGE designs for how we respond to God. That's my 2 cents.

So the question....from the movie, and from life....what is your "symbiant"? What is it in your life that seems to "bind" to your very being, bringing out the worst in you? If your worst quality was highlighted so that it took over your entire self...what would you look like to other people?

For me? Pride. I get so freakin' proud sometimes, and want pats on the back all around. Thank God I married a humble woman. She helps me remember...and live like I remember.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Semi-Finals, Game 4

So Detroit came back from a 2-0 deficit another time to tie the series at 2 games each. Very dramatic 3rd period, as it came down to 30 seconds, and San Jose was ahead. Detroit pulled Hasek in order to have another attacker on the ice, even though it meant leaving the net empty. Sure enough, they were able to score a last minute goal, sending it into overtime.

It was back and forth through most of the overtime, although Detroit clearly dominated play. Finally, during a penalty play, they were able to score the winning goal! Holmstrom definitely made an impact, by scoring the first Wings goal, and adding the confidence they needed in front of the net.

Lebda's back Detroit...bring it. :) 1pm....NBC....even YOU can watch it. :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Something New.

...okay, so I want to shout out my love to you myspace people. And also to the facebook-ites. But I gotta say, sometimes I want to emphasize my desire to think/blog more than I want to see offensive advertising and read the latest "chain-bulletin" posting.

So here I am...on a site that was created simply for blogging. I am now officially a "blogger".

Stay tuned...