Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yup, it's like this...

So here we are...Wednesday. Sophie came Friday night....we came home from the hospital Sunday night. Addison has had a nasty cough that keeps her up late the past 2 nights.

Sophie still thinks day is night, and night is day.

Praise God for a church that has allowed me to help this transition at home.

Sleep deprived, trying to stay healthy, loving our dishwasher, not allowed to read or watch movies (lent)...

Addison loves her sister. Calls her "baby"...and lights up when she makes the slightest sound. But the next minute she may be hiding in the corner trying to get attention.

I love our daughters. We have the cute, newborn, spit-up, every day is new stuff....and we have the forming words, running around, wanting hugs stuff.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts, prayers, gifts, etc. We feel the love.

God bless you in return.

1 comment:

Bethany said...

Love the video!!!

I'm glad you're enjoying your two sandwiches! : )

God is good!!!

Can't wait to meet Sophie!