Monday, March 17, 2008

a deal?

So it's official, Deal or No Deal is coming to Central IL, for an open casting call on Tuesday, April 1st. They will be at the Hickory Point Mall from 1pm until 4pm. I will definitely be there that day.

"But you've already been on Wheel of Fortune!" you might say.

Yup. But - you're allowed to go on 3 game shows in life. Why would they have that rule, unless it was totally possible? I know I won quite a bit on WOF, but with everything I won....we ended up with a dishwasher, and less debt. Which is AWESOME.

But why not give it a shot? Even the "losers" on Deal or No Deal end up with over $100,000 usually. :) I'm cool with that.

Taking a moment to seriously check myself for wrong motives, I make a mental list of why I would love a booster shot to our bank account:
- pay off the car/house/college loans
- possibly move to a new house? One that Sophie would actually get a closet, and maybe even with sidewalks for the girls to play on!
- gasp - a mini-van?
- allow Sarah to be a stay-at-home mommy for as long as she desires!
- etc. - depending on the amount, being able to help out some family/friends with random things too. To be in a position to share something like this would be sweet.

Yeah, I think those are decent motivators. No crazy desire for a Corvette or a Harley. No need to "pimp my lifestyle" with unnecessary toys. Okay, so maybe I'd buy a new hockey jersey or a new mac laptop....but I can swallow those.

I'm a family man now. So mature. So old. ( or maybe I'm getting good at pretending)

so my recommendation to you? TRY OUT FOR THE SHOW!! Someone has to get picked....might as well be YOU! :)


Ashley said...

Good Luck!

Sarah Anne said...

Well said! Even if you don't get picked, it's a whole lot of fun to be there admist all the excitement! I'll be there cheering you on! OR... maybe I'll try out too! :<) love u!