Friday, March 21, 2008

a good day. (friday)

just home from a great tenebrae (shadows) service at my church

it was good, and different from ways I've done it in the past. but it brought up a thought or two, also. we remembered Christ from the "big picture" perspective. which was good.

but trying to think of what the closest friends to Jesus may have been feeling on this night. two main thoughts come to mind.

sadness. to have lost a man who most of them had known for quite a while. and not just "known"...but had some VERY close bonding experiences. they didn't just coast through life together. they were tight.

disappointment. to have lost the man who all your hopes for "a change" had rested on. political. social. economic. revenge. the man who was going to flip the tables, and who you would reign with. dead.

another random thought....i'm glad there's a "holy saturday". a time for humanity to rest from our expectations and reasons we mourned losing that we can better celebrate His rising again, without jumping directly back into those, but instead allow our view of Christ to receive new life as well.

Not someone to make us feel good all the time. Not someone who will give us vengeance against all those who we are quick to label as "evil".

But Christ. The Son of God.


(no celebrating yet.....wait until Sunday. Until, mourn, and release the Christ you thought you knew)

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