Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I thought it might be fun to blog thoughts before and after an important evening. It's 3pm CST Wednesday afternoon right now.

Tonight we have a VBS meeting before church (I say "we", I mean my wife pretty much) utnil 6:30pm. We have youth group, which will focus primarily on what "Holy" means, especially when related to places/things/us until 7:50pm. Then we have band practice, where I'll probably get yelled at for not learning a new song yet (sorry band), and we'll have to work on perfecting a few we already know until 10pm-ish. (probably a good thing) Then it's straight home to watch the 4th game in the playoff series until about 1:30am.

I was going to just check the score afterwards, but this game is important. Why? Lebda's in. Not just in, either....he's being paired with Chelios. Here's the article, you should read it. You should watch the game tonight...8:30pm on VERSUS. Just don't tell me the score until after 2am Thursday.

I'll let u know how the night went....after it went.

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