Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Driving Hope...(100th post....woot)

Over 3 hours. Just me and the road. And whatever CD I put in. Or silence. It was nice. I think every once in a while, I should just take a long drive. God is there with me.

The trip began with Pigeon John's latest release, which was good...but not enough Pigeon. Then I tried to find a talk radio station...nothing good. So I put in a podcast I'd burned of Jurgen Moltmann speaking at Seattle Pacific University. "The Vital Power of Hope". I'd read some of his stuff back in college, but admittedly not much since. I really enjoyed it. Although looking at hope also brought the topic to what stands in the way of hope....a difficult conversation at times. Sometimes we purposefully say "no!" to the Hope (Yes!) of God. Not saying "we don't smile and be nice"...but saying sometimes our choices/life go in the opposite direction of where we see God leading.

It reminded me of what I posted last week about Christ being best understood by those who understand their need for HOPE. I really liked much of what he had to say about this specific hope, though...what it is, what it isn't...and what it could be. How different it is between a Christian Hope...and any other kind.

I hope I get called back for "Deal or No Deal". I hope in Christ. One of these hopes gives my life source, and draws me towards a future redemption. Doesn't take long to figure out "hope" can be much more than wishful thinking. It's real, it's here....tangible...and at the same time, "not yet"...

Tonight we also had our first meeting as Conference Leaders for the Free Methodist National Student Ministry Team (NSMT). Really exciting stuff. Not about events. Not about numbers. Not about exciting new techniques. But about BEING. About connecting with those in ministry around us, and connecting with the youth. Not in order to "do" ministry....but to "be" the embodyment of that HOPE of Christ. I've heard it before, but it's a good reminder, and seemed to be a theme of the day.

I want people to experience in their relationship with me,
the Vital Power of the Hope of Christ.

I know I've needed ( & need) other people to embody that Hope for me.

ps. To the Illinois Department of Transporation: I owe you $2.20 for tolls that I totally didn't have change for today, and had 20 cars behind me. I'll mail it. Promise.

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Jeffrey Overstreet said...

Thanks so much for pointing out that Moltmann lecture.

I have a couple of questions for you about it. I sent you a message on your MySpace page. I look forward to hearing from you.