Saturday, April 05, 2008

First Round Thoughts...

Last night, it was decided. Somehow, Chicago defeated Nashville...relegating Nashville to the number 8 spot in the Western Conference. Which means that Detroit and Nashville will face each other in the first round of the playoffs.

Detroit defeated Columbus Thursday night, clinching the President's Trophy (most wins in the season) for the 6th time. No other team has more than 2 in their trophy case.

So anyways...Detroit vs. Nashville. They faced each other 8 times in the regular season...both winning 3, and 2 games decided in a shootout. I was hoping we could get through the playoffs without facing a central Division team...our records in the central Division aren't encouraging.
Our 2 most recent games, we won 6-3, and won 1-0 in a shootout.

So it seems this match-up may highlight one of my favorite things about the playoffs, especially since the rule changes that happened post-lockout....ENDLESS OVERTIMES. :) No sissy shootouts. They play until there's a winner....even if it means 6 or more periods of intense hockey. As Detroit and Nashville are closely matched at times, there's a pretty big chance of this happening....I would love it. (as long as Detroit eventually won, of course).

In any case, I think this first round will be the challenging one for us. Once we get past won't be a breeze....but the dynasty that is "DETROIT REDWINGS" is intimidating enough to screw up any of these other younger teams that don't face us regularly.

Side note: If you want to see an interesting game, watch NBC Sunday at 11:30 CST. Final game of the regular season for Detroit and Chicago, and neither has a ton to play for in that game (except Detroit playing for the Jennings trophy, fewest goals against in a season) should give a lot of ice time to the younger players. We don't get to see a lot of them. Chicago will win....but it'll still be worth watching.


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