Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How'd you end up there?

So there's a story that probably doesn't get told enough by me. About how I believe God actively moved in our family's life. A journey that was hard, but very worth it. I don't want to have a long, drawn out post...but I want to tell you the story. Maybe I'll spread it through a few posts.

Just out of college in 2003, Sarah and I moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It was our first full time ministry opportunity. I worked for CR 1st Church of the Nazarene. Things were going well. But as we ministered, and lived among the people there, we felt nudges. Something wasn't right. I'm too optimistic and keep myself too busy to listen much...especially then. But together with my wife, we realized a couple things.

1. We felt good about the time we'd spent in Iowa. God had used both of us, and used our friends there to grow both of us as well.

2. God was moving us in a new direction. We felt strongly, and it continued to be affirmed, that we needed to focus heavily on family...ours specifically.

More important than any job or ministry to others I had...was the calling to be a husband, and a father. We decided that moving to Decatur, IL would give us a large family base in one area, and that would be a good starting point for whatever was to come.

Problem Iowa, we both worked full time, and lived in a parsonage. In IL, neither of us even had jobs. But looking at the city...there's like 4 Nazarene churches. Pretty good odds, right? As we moved forward though, we realized there probably wouldn't be any options for full time ministry right away. But, feeling that the call was not to get comfy professionally, but to do the hard work to build a solid family late February 2005, we moved to Decatur.

It was tough, leaving friends and some as close as family in Iowa. But we are definitely grateful for the time we had with them, and the relationships we still hold in prayer today.

Stay tuned...for more on our first days in Decatur, IL. No job. No house. No idea what we were doing...except that it was good.

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