Friday, April 18, 2008

...just in case.

Just in case everyone you know is an expert.
If you live in the midwest, you've probably felt the shakes a bit.

You may even hear rumors that one happened in your neighborhood/state/city/etc.

You may hear rumors that the end is coming. Maybe Pat Robertson will tell us this is God warning the "Bible Belt" that it's sinning too much.

Just in case you'd rather do your own research, than listen to people who really like to talk...

Here's the United States Geological (Survey? Society?)'s a cool site with real-time updates on earthquake activity across the globe. This link is to the map on the United States specifically. Surprise....earthquakes happen all the time, all over the place.

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Ashley said...

That was too freaky! Megan called me and said something blew up! I found that site at like 5 this morning and it was the only thing that calmed her down...where was your bolg then? you could have cut down the Megan "Freak out time."