Thursday, May 15, 2008


So, as I've gotten older (I know, 26 isn't REALLY old, bear with's older than 16), my definition of "adventure" has changed. Of course, being married, and parenting bring their own sets of adventures. But I still have my personal endeavors as well. Here are a few adventures I've had recently:

1. Food Pantry Mondays - Our Church has a great food pantry ministry on a weekly basis. They serve around 200 bundles of food each week for free to people in need. Many of these people are either elderly or handicapped, and can use some help going through the line and walking out to their car. I'm lovin' it. Just a brief moment in each persons' life, but it's definitely been refreshing. My plan is to get our youth involved on Monday's this summer, and I didn't just wanna "show up" with them in I figured I should get involved. I don't try and "shove the gospel" down anyone's throat...but I try to find out something going on in their life to pray for. It's a good exercise.

2. Working with the volunteers, I've gotten to know some of our seniors a bit better. In Iowa, I had a group of seniors that I played dominoes with once in a while. I'd get stomped on. But I really enjoyed hanging out with them. I've missed that aspect of connecting to their generation here so far. But our church's XYZ'ers (seniors) asked me to drive the bus for an outing on Tuesday. We went to a buffet, and over to the Macon County Historical Museum (which is pretty much a Lincoln museum, with a few facts about Macon County cities). Honestly, it's kinda like a spiritual discipline here. This is a generation that I don't just "automatically" want to spend time loving among...not cause I don't want to...but probably because I'm a selfish creature, and popular culture tells us they don't have much to offer. The wealth of wisdom, stories of life, and love that comes from years (or judgment that comes from years) good to spend time with.

3. Had my 2nd official meeting as a member of the Decatur Parking and Traffic Commission. Apparently, the parking situation in Decatur is no way to make a profit lately. They're losing money, and looking for ideas to at least break even. I learned a TON this week, including:
- If you're handicapped, and live in busy area, you can apply for a handicapped space in front of your house! We approved of 2.
- If an intersection gets more than 1.5 accidents per million vehicles that pass through, they look into a stop sign or light. We approved one sign.
- Even if our city raises parking rates downtown, we'll still be REALLY cheap.

4. I called it. Detroit won one game in Dallas, and will end things this Saturday at 12:30 CST on NBC. YOU need to watch. No excuse. And don't get me started on ALL the BAD CALLS throughout game 4. Game ON.

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