Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bob Jones buys a new Lake...

For whatever you think of Bob Jones, whether you love him, or think he's a nut...something is happening that you may see in the next month or so. Why might you? Because according to bloggers like this guy, they're saying God is gonna do some crazy stuff specifically between June 22-July 20th. God's apparently a fan of America in the summer. For real though....read some of his blog, it'll make you smile. Or scare the junk out of you. Or make you wonder what in the world is going on in Lakeland, FL. Or glad you don't live near there. :)

I guess it's been on the news, and I had a teen tell me about it last night. That was the first I'd heard anything of it.

Apparently they claim that over 13 resurrections have happened (not the Jewish or early Christianity views of resurrection...just good ole' fashioned dead for 3 days, and now alive stuff)...tons of random healings are going on, and this guy Todd Bentley is at the heart of it all. (or...they might be quick to tell you, God is at the heart of it all) Apparently this is how God brings about his restoration...by starting a new Jesus-club of several thousands in an affluent area and culture who meet pretty much daily to talk about how great this new movement (God, right?) is.

Oh I'm wrong...they also serve in poor places, and have movements in other affluent areas as well.

I won't go into a big tirade on what I think. You could probably guess a bit from my tone so far.

Here's a blog with a lil' video love. You can watch it, and decide whether you want to immediately buy your ticket for Florida in order to get a dose.

My schedule won't allow me...shoot. Good news though...you can join the movement simply by making a donation!! (sowing a seed)

If you haven't heard of it all yet....you probably will. I'm an optimist (even though I'm a bit cynical here), so I believe God can and will use all of this somehow. I just don't think it will come the way Todd sells it. Then again, he's the prophet. Maybe I'm a heretic.

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