Friday, May 23, 2008

the evolution of "yes"...

Addison will be 2 in August. The "terrible two's" as some refer to them, began a while ago, and will probably last well beyond the age of 2. But it's not so terrible so far. In fact, even at her worst, she's still pretty easy to love.

For a long time, her vocabulary was limited to pretty much the word "no". Probably because she heard it so much, and eventually learned it's meaning. It's still there.

Over the past year, she's learned more words. Words like "Amen", "Thank you", "Please", "Hockey", "Nemo" and the names of several TV characters, and her friends and family members.

She's even begun to put sentences together: "Where mommy go?", "Thank you daddy!", etc.

Of course, most of these are said sounding like she has a mouth full of cereal...and doesn't have the greatest oration, but we'll get there.

One word we've noticed evolving over the past few months is the word "Yes". It began just like mommy and daddy would say it, "yes".

Over time, she learned the very similar "uh-huh" (accompanied at times by a nod).

Then about a month ago came the "okay", and sometimes "yeah, okay", or simply just "Kay!". We laughed, and thought it was cute.

But now, as you can see here..."yes" has become "Oh". Hoping we can guide her back to the "yes", as a more concrete positive response. (watch to the end, it's worth it.)


Sarah Anne said...

we have a cute daughter! :<)

/i loooove you.

theorings said...

grandma and grandpa say,, we looooove you toooooo