Saturday, May 17, 2008

garage sale as community...

If it wasn't so much work, and we had an endless supply of junk we don't need (which seems like we do at times), and we had every weekend free.....I'd like to do garage sales more often. Then I might get to know a few of the people who stop by.

I enjoy the fact that for 6 hours on Friday and Saturday, our home has a stream of visitors who range from the retired doctor with his shirt still meticulously tucked the Jim-Bob type, complete with his painted over Bondo Truck.

I think that's why...even purely sociologically (if I'm able to separate it....probably not), I really enjoy church. Almost every area of life is full of segregation, walls, either socially, culturally, physical, mental, etc. Church is the one place where, in theory at least, ANYONE is welcome to come and sit next to ANYONE. Sure they may talk about so-and-so behind their backs after they leave the building. It might not be 100% fool proof community.

But it offers to be.

It's we, as a church body, who will decide whether we allow ourselves to be immersed in the life offered by it...or whether we will treat it the same way we treat a garage sale. A friendly greeting. Looking for something we need that someone else might have. An exchange. Leaving until the next big "sale".

One thing, anyone could notice these days, but especially pastors I've talked to. People who were "church-goers" used to attend between 50-52 weeks of a year. These days, it seems even people who only come on Easter morning still consider a specific church their "community".

This could probably all be taken the wrong way. I'm not a pastor who's trying to guilt trip my readers into more regular attendance.

But I think there's something to be said for making an effort to be a healthy part of what's going on in the community of Church. I don't think that going to church 52 weeks a year guarantees this. I remember working 8-6, and only getting weekends off. It's nice to sleep in sometimes. But I do believe that going a few times a year, whenever we happen to be up on time, is pretty much garage shoppin'.

What's God's Spirit offers us in His gift of the Church.....we may not fully realize until all of creation is redeemed......but even as it stands today, it's worth more than that.

Whether you're a 52-weeker....or an Easter-only kinda can you help your community of church become more of a community?


ngerman said...

Maybe we should have a garage sale every week at church....then it would be the perfect accepting community!

Brady said...

The subdivision that Elizabeth's family lives in had a "community sale" today as well. A lot of symbolism can be drawn even from people slowing down while they drive by "peering" at what we have to offer. Stopping completely or pretending like they didn't even notice, at least shows what they think of our offerings. Anyways, sold a fridge, made some small cash. Love you bro!