Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jesus and Random Thoughts...

Been pretty stoked about something lately, and still figuring out how to put it into words. I'll try here. You may have heard this long ago...or you may have assumed it which case, you may be less excited about it. But if you're like me, you need to hear this at some point.

When most pastors I've heard preach about Jesus being crucified, dying, and rising from the grave....they do stress the importance of His being alive today. But they usually say something like "he's STILL alive today!" (bringing on the obligatory "Amen!" shout from the congregation)

Random thought: Why do they make pipes to carry
water out of materials that corrode due to water?

By using the word "still", it implies that Jesus was simply revived, Lazarus, came "back to life" as he was before dying. If that's the case...why get any more excited than they got when Lazarus came back?

But we know that Jesus came back in a physical form, they were able to touch His wounds, and to walk along the road with Him, mistaking Him for a gardener even. He broke bread with them, and as soon as they recognized Him, He "became invisible from them"(greek). This implies that Jesus' attributes after the resurrection included both physical AND spiritual never before.

As Christians (and as Jews of that time), we believe there will come a day where God will give each of us new bodies. Paul tries his best to describe these bodies in 1 Corinthians 15 (read it, it's pretty awesome). We believe this will happen when God brings about His completion/restoration/final redemption, creating a new Heaven and a new Earth.

So why connect that with Jesus' resurrection? It appears that what we believe WILL HAPPEN to all of us SOMEDAY when God brings in the Kingdom of God (God's reign and rule)....HAS HAPPENED here in Jesus!! It is the Kingdom of God breaking through into our world, showing us what it will be....and beginning the work/journey of ushering in God's Kingdom.

To those of us trying to figure out when/how the "apocalypse" is going to begin...or waiting for the "rapture" to happen so we can finally rid ourselves of all this physical world.....this tears apart those thin twigs, and slaps a solid log of hope down on 'em. IT HAS BEGUN. HERE. NOW. BECOME INVOLVED. Seek areas of being involved in God's redeeming work, not just humanitarian aid, but actual, Holy Spirit sourced living. IT'S HAPPENING.

Random thought: The Vatican now says it's okay for Catholics
to believe in Aliens. Gotta love that.


Sarah Anne said...

I know I believe in Aliens... ;<)

Ethiopianmomma said...

This sounds like something I need for you to talk about this weekend some more. I want to hear it from your mouth and not just off the blog. Seriously.
Looking forward to our combined family garage sale/fun weekend. Tell Sarah Anne that we are brining some card tables up.
See you'z tomorrow night!