Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the news....

To quote the news today:

Who do YOU think will win the endless democratic primary?

...thousands died in the horrible earthquake in China 2 weeks ago, and they are still struggling to find hope...

Did you see that Ellen is going to get *gasp* MARRIED?

..24 Million are estimated to have the HIV virus in Africa currently, and many are dying because they lack simple supplies...

Oh my word, gas is at $4 a gallon!!! Guess I should order pizza instead of going out.

..the gap between rich and poor continues to grow, and 3rd world countries remain frozen under it...while people continue to die and fight for what little access to life they have...

Did you see who won American Idol? I can't believe it!!

..giant tornadoes swept through Iowa and Minnesota yesterday, killing at least 6...

Did you see that video on youtube???

etc....You don't have to go long to figure out something's wrong here.

Not trying to post blame, but thinking all of this may have something to do with our ability to connect with God's Kingdom on a Sunday morning (or saturday night, or wednesday night, or whatever), and then close our eyes to it for a week.

We're so good at hearing a convincing story...something we should probably do something about....that might even stir us to action....and then moving on.


How do we respond to this realization?


Ethiopianmomma said...

I was just on the phone with your wife and she asked if my thoughts were becaues of your blog so I thought I would check it out! Give her a hug for promoting your blog!
I have heard the argument that there is so much bad news all the time that we can not take it all and just shut down. I do not buy this.
I think we are all so good at ignoring what is going on around us because we are inheritly selfish creatures. At least I know I am despite having seen first hand suffering and need beyond words.
Guess this is why we all desperately need Jesus, yet find it hard to really accept all he has to say?

Ethiopianmomma said...

Ok, comment #2. I am reading this book called A Distant Grief. You must read this by the way. Here is a quote to take in regarding your post:

"In that moment I learned a new truth. I learned that just as there is a boundary beyond which human beings cannot comprehend the glory of God, so there is a boundary beyond which they cannot comprehend the evil in this world. There is a boundary beyond which everything is a senseless chasm. It is here in the nightmare of utter chaos that human feeling dies. It is here, where death and terror seem to have full dominion, that even the deepest sorrow becomes but a distant grief."
- F. Kefa Sempangi (author of A Distant Grief)