Tuesday, May 13, 2008

post-Wheel of Fortune...

So it's been a while since the fame and fortune of "Wheel of Fortune" hit our lives. Looking back, there are moments I remember the most:

- The commercial break before the Final Round, where I was at the same time incredibly excited, and freaked out of my mind with the pressure.

- My wife running out to me after winning that Final Round, and celebrating with her in that short moment, for all that had happened. :)

- Pat Sajak making some really awkward Jewish joke as the show was ending, and everyone was applauding. I don't remember the joke, but it involved Hawaii, and the punch-line was "Shalom-ha".

- Walking the beach at Santa Monica Pier, wanting to tell SOMEONE, ANYONE that I'd just won Wheel of Fortune!!! Knowing we were going to keep it a secret until it aired a month later.

So where are we now? Well, with the new house, new car, and college funds we've set up for the kids.....things are going pretty swell.

Oh wait....

No worries....we're still normal people. We paid off our high interest debt (credit cards mainly), and were given a second chance at a good financial foundation. Stuff we learned years ago through Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover", but never thought we could do it.

Tried out for "Deal or No Deal" to try and take care of the low interest debt...but it appears we'll have to deal with that the way every American does. One month at a time.

The message here? COLLEGE AGED (and others, I suppose) PEOPLE LISTEN UP. DON'T DO CREDIT CARDS. DO WITHOUT. The sacrifices you make now will help you enjoy the money you win on a game show later in life. I promise. :) hehe.

ps. The Wings won again last night....IN DALLAS....making it 3-0 in the series. Have the playoffs even started yet???


The One and Only said...

It is pretty ridiculous just how easy it is becoming for the Red Wings to walk away with Stanley's trophy.

Ethiopianmomma said...

That is right! Most of what you will buy on credit cards you won't even remember when you are paying it off later. Live now simply and work (babysteps) your way towards your dreams.