Monday, May 05, 2008


Recently gave a survey to our (about 30) teens, to see what questions they had....or what questions they were facing from friends at school. Here are a few of their responses:

Do people who never got a chance to know Jesus go to hell?

How do we know we're "right"?

What happens to people in other religions?

If God is so glorious, why does he send people to hell?

Why is it so wrong to be gay, if God wants us to be happy?
(and why does he make "them"?)

Can you talk to Jesus like your best friend, or more reverently, or both?

When is God coming back? (and many questions about what that looks like)

What's so special about me?

Heaven? Hell?

What proof is there that God is real?

Along with "why is ____ a sin?", several teens who don't seem to have any questions, and a few who were very open with the fact that they couldn't care less right now.

To anyone who thought youth ministry was all about pizza and you know.

Please be in prayer for these teens....and for the conversations that will come from their willingness to ask these difficult questions...and praying that they'll be just as willing to talk about the answers...

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