Friday, May 09, 2008

they pay attention?

So the N.T. Wright book is good. The Wings kicked butt last night. Hoping the rest of the series goes this well. The playoff beard continues to grow. I'll have to make sure I post a picture before I shave, for those of you who know me, but don't live nearby. It's quite itchy.

But the main post here daughter pays attention to me. Now, I know she can learn things that we teach her: please, thank you, up, down, how to use a spoon, etc. But she's finally begun just doing things that she sees us doing. For better or for worse.

(I'd say for better on this one, Sarah would say for worse)

When finished with her cereal yesterday, with only milk left in the bowl, she began saying "dink, dink" (which means drink, obviously). Thinking she was thirsty, I gave her a cup with juice in it. She said "no", and grabbed her bowl with both hands...lifting it to her mouth slowly, and began sipping the milk out of the bottom.

We never taught her this. Mommy thinks it's gross, finding it more desirable to dump the cereal-tainted milk down the drain. But daddy thinks it's refreshing, and good stewardship of milk to gulp down the flavored milk once the cereal is gone. Over time, she's apparently made her own judgment here by watching Sarah and I.

Addie agrees with daddy on this one. :) Here's an example from this morning....


It's very cute. But it definitely makes me want to be more purposeful about what my daughter sees...whether in person, on tv, the internet, etc.

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Ethiopianmomma said...

Samuel does this too. He also has started to say, "Part part" when he farts and rolls over laughing. This behavior is one that we never intended on teaching him but does it! When we go to Grandma's house he always walks over to "great-grandma" and puts her blanket over her legs. He does this very quietly and he actually tucks in the blanket around her. When he is finished he seems privately pleased with himself, but does not look for any kudos or attention. This behavior, which we never officially taught him, we are pretty darn pleased with. It is amazing how much more is "caught than taught". The Brabsons vote with you by the way....totally and always drink the cereal milk! Dont waste it down the drain!

part part...