Thursday, June 19, 2008

ain't no thang...

Tonight, we knew there was gonna be some Blues goin' on downtown Decatur. So we went.

To you, the reader, that may seem like any old statement. But a shift has occurred. We can now do anything. Well, almost anything.

Last week, we took 2 daughters under the age of two on a week-long vacation to Hawaii. We stayed in an amazing resort, ate incredible food, went snorkeling, toured a coffee plantation, and flew over 10 hours to and from the island.

Before the trip, even taking both girls to the mall at the same time seemed like a task. We subconsciously limited ourselves socially based on the effort required to "do something". Now, it'll still be nice to have a babysitter once in a while. Also, this may be more related to my mentality than my wife's (she's a natural).

But seriously....tonight we wanted to go hear some good live music, we didn't have a babysitter, and so we just took both girls. It went great. Almost natural. Sidenote: the guitarist was stinkin' awesome. And not in a "I have to jump around, or look all dramatic, or be all flashy or cool looking" awesome. But more in a "I'm so stinking awesome I can look like any average guy at the mall before 10am, and still rock more than all of you combined" kind of way.

I hope that I can become as much of a natural at this parenting thing, as this guy was a guitarist. I think I'm a small step closer...thanks to Hawaii.

ps. NT Wright was on "The Colbert Report" tonight. I'd assumed the focus would either be on his "Hope" themed book (comparisons to Obama), or on Jubilee (political movement to forgive debts)....but was excited to see the topic was actually on a rethinking of Heaven (discussed in his newest book), and what comes after Heaven. Although it was obviously tough for him (only 7-ish minutes to begin with, and you have to banter a bit with Colbert to be entertaining)...I think he did a great job at saying enough to pique the public's interest. People will be wondering what this prominent New Testament Scholar meant when he said "Life after life after death", and exposing Plato's influence on current beliefs of flesh and soul. Let the fun begin...

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Chris S. said...

There are very few days when I wish I had cable. But... NT on The Colbert Report! Oh how I long for TiVo and cable for time like these!