Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jimmy Dobson = red letters?

I know a lot of this is politically motivated....but when the Vice President of "Focus on the Family" says something like this: "Without question, Dr. Dobson is speaking for millions of evangelicals because his understanding of the Bible is thoroughly evangelical."

...it throws up a red flag.

You can't dismiss the fact that Dr.Dobson has done some great things for families, and resources provided by he and Focus on the Family will continue to be helpful/useful towards the Kingdom. But as someone who attends, and is a full time employee of a church from the evangelical tradition, I'm weary of him asserting himself as speaking for me.


Well....and this would take a while to explain. From what I can tell, this article does a decent job of it. Basically, Dobson is a Christian Zionist - believing that the support and protection of Israel (Jerusalem specifically, and the rebuilding of the temple) is a Christian duty of America, and closely related to when God and the rapture can and will occur.

Over the years, Dobson and other leaders like him, have influenced political leaders in our country to make decisions overseas based on those beliefs.

Even with all that craziness aside, I just don't like the idea of one guy telling the world that he speaks for me and all other evangelicals....unless He's Jesus Himself. Even someone that I look up to highly, and respect/regard highly what they say......I don't think I would want them telling people who know nothing about Christianity that they embody 100% the faith that I'm attempting to live out. (did that make sense?)

Apparently there's a whole group of people upset about it, and making a political statement in support of Obama (who was recently "slammed" by Dobson). Not sure I'm ready to sign anything like this...but I certainly would say:

To anyone out there who is curious what Christianity is all about,
or is curious about this Jesus fellow...

James Dobson does not speak for me.

update: here's the article contributed to by an AP writer. The quote is towards the end.


The One and Only said...

He doesn't speak for you, but he may have views that are the same sometimes. I read another interesting take on his comments that painted his remarks as having to do a lot with how Obama does not want to pass laws that are not seen as moral issues (article). I realize that is from Fox News, so take it with a grain of salt, but apart from his claim that he speaks for all evangelicals and Rev. Sharpton speaks for African Americans, there are things to their words that some should pay attention to. I've always considered myself more of a Christian than an evangelical, more because I want to associate more with Christ than anything someone else has named and branded.

pastorwick said...

still. I think that Focus on the Family needs to Focus more on the Family.

The One and Only said...

If you read some of the articles, you will see that this speech was sponsored by a taxable organization, allowing Dobson to be more political than he is usually. But you are right, religious leaders need to bring the focus onto righteous living, not mudslinging politicians.

Jake T said...

he doesn't speak for me, that's for sure...