Friday, June 06, 2008

Just in case...

So I may take a few days off from blogging. There's this whole "Hawaii trip" thing going on thanks to Wheel of Fortune, and I'm not big on "updating" all of you (even though I still love ya') on our daily excursions. Imagine posts of being stressed out taking care of 3 kids on vacation, being burnt to a crisp, and posts of relaxing, drinking coffee, and posts of doing all sorts of Hawaiian type things. (Puka dog, snorkeling, visiting the Kauai Coffee Plantation, kayaking, etc.), posts of how beautiful it is, and how it inspires me to think of Eden, and perhaps even the New Earth to come. Keep watching my wife's blog....she'll probably post somethin'. Who knows, I might still blog here and there. I've borrowed a book from Jake, and from the looks of it, it may inspire a few rants.

I'm really excited about being able to preach on Father's Day, though...and I encourage you to come. Sure, you could also sleep in...since it's Father's day and people will probably assume you're doing something nice for your father. But for real....come. Especially if you're a man...we're giving away something manly and stuff. If you live too far away, maybe I'll post a bit on the sermon the week afterwards.

I'm focusing on John 5:19-30.....and the fact that the NIV misses a very important "BUT".

If you use a Greek bible....go ahead and hunt for it.
But then you might be bored by the message that morning.

I'm not big on "sermon titles". But the fact that this message has a lot of attention on the word "but"....I'm tempted to do all sorts of things:
- John's big but.
- The importance of having a but.
- What would happen without a but?
- etc...

But I'll probably just stick to a no-name message, that will be saved as a file under one of those names, just for a private laugh.

ps. the church across the street has just put up the message "Son block will keep you from burning." Makes me want to say all sorts of things....but I'll hold my tongue. Suffice it to say...I don't think that's a very good advertisement. (not to mention..."___ block" implies that you are blocked from _____)

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Ethiopianmomma said...

Hey, I think updating people on the days events of the Hawaii vacation seem like a good idea. But, I dont care I know what you will be doing firsthand. And, the problem! Don't stress. It will be great. Just think PUKA Dog.