Monday, June 23, 2008


Okay, so I hate posting more than once in a day. I don't want to become one of those blogs that just finds something interesting on the internet, and throws up a link or an image, and says..."hey, ain't this neat?". I think blogs like that assume you can't find interesting things on your own, and take little time/thought to post. I blog to develop who I am, and my ability to communicate it through written (or typed) word...etc.

But I had to throw this up.

Seriously. Reebok, I can wanna make a profit off anyone you can. But National Hockey League? To cheapen Lord Stanley's cup like this, and pimp it out to anyone willing to pay a buck? To a true hockey fan, this could be compared to the Catholic Church selling shoes with the image of the Virgin Mary on them. (hint hint, Reebok pay attention....people would TOTALLY buy those kicks)

A bottle opener, a t-shirt, even a hat....maybe. I'm as big a hockey fan as anyone. And I can't think of a moment where I've ever said, "wow, my team just won the Stanley Cup, boy do I wish I had a pair of shoes with which to commemorate this occasion!!!"

To those who buy and wear these're just as guilty.


Sarah Anne said...

I know what you're getting for your birthday... Size 10, right?

pastorwick said...

funny ;)