Saturday, June 07, 2008

words of wisdom...(ha)

- any vacation that doesn't require socks or pants, is a great one. (makes me think of the old "beware of any endeavor that requires new clothes"...hehe)

- Dora doesn't always mean Dora. Sometimes, it means "I want to color."

- Sometimes, you have to figure something out on your own. Thankfully, there's the interweb.

- John Wesley had some cool sermons....Check them out here.

- It's encouraging to read fiction regularly. Reminds us that we know how. (and is a great stress reliever)

- Tennessee Pride Breakfast Sausage, labeled "hot"...really means hot. (spicy, and dang good)

- The NHL shouldn't have committed to a contract with VERSUS through 2011. Their ratings and buzz is much higher now. Hopefully they continue to build on the enthusiasm the recent playoffs produced.

- Someone needs to invent a socially acceptable, non-awkward way to communicate to your neighbors...."we want to know you". Oh, and "sorry our lawn isn't as pretty as yours".

- You can make cookies out of cake mix...and it's really easy/good.

- Recording a few songs with talented musicians might be a bit self-serving, but it was still fun. And doesn't sound horrible.

- N.T. Wright is the same person as Tom Wright. (and has a great bible commentary series "___for Everyone".

- Fashion choices for females between the ages of 12-21 should follow this guideline for everyday "what to wear" stuff - If you don't want to see me in that outfit, find something different to wear. Seriously.....females, wear more. My daughters are looking up to you.

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The One and Only said...

Erin and I find that hanging around outside with the neighbors is an easy way to get to know them :).