Monday, July 07, 2008

i used to live here... I'm in Michigan as I type this. I'm an hour ahead of many of you. I'm surrounded by more mosquitos. Abraham Lincoln didn't grow up here. They keep their pop cans, cause they're worth 10 cents each, but they also pay that 10 cents when they purchase pop. Also, it's pop, not soda. You can buy Vernors in 2 liters. They know hockey. They know what a petoskey stone is. Many here have hiked the Mackinac (pronounced "mackinaw") Bridge on Labor Day. Ann Arbor vs. East Lansing. Etc.

We attended the Eaton Rapids Fourth of July parade. Whew. 30 firetrucks, and 50 John Deere's later, Addie had a small bag filled with candy (Tootsie Rolls, mainly). Before and after the brew-haha, I was hoping to run into an ex-girlfriend or over-confident bully-type from High School. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: Oh hey! How've you been?

Them: Quick story of what they did after high school, and why/how they still live here.

Me: Oh, that's fun. Still living in Eaton Rapids, eh? Oh this incredibly beautiful woman here? My wife. Yup. Oh, these phenomenal kids? Mine. Uh-huh. Oh yeah, I'm a youth pastor down in Central IL. It's pretty much a dream come true. YES, I get paid to do it. Etc.

I looked and looked and looked for someone we might walk by, with whom this conversation would be entirely satisfying. Couldn't find 'em....I think they knew I was coming, and hid...thoroughly ashamed of dumping such a catch. I can't blame 'em. Shoot. :)

I attended the church that made me who I was in many ways yesterday. The pastor made more sense now, although I'm not sure whose fault the lack of sense was when I was in High School. It was a good service, other than attendance being much lower these days, and other than him saying, "..the gospel is more important to our children than it is to us...", and a couple other statements that were just a good heart, coming out in the wrong way.....but I can get down with pastors who don't always say things perfectly.

Stories here. Everywhere. Look Sarah, that's where I used to hang out at 2am with Berto and Crow. Look Addie, this was daddy's Sunday School teacher. Wow, my high school has tennis courts? That's where I got my first speeding violation. That's my favorite local pizza place. That's where I got in my first and only major car accident. That's the best sledding hill in the midwest. That's the accountant I used to be (secretary/janitor/errand boy/etc.) for. That's the restaurant I used to be (server/buss boy/fly killer/room service/etc.) for. That's the house of the girl I danced with in 5th grade, so that the girl I WANTED to dance with might think I was a guy with a big heart. ETC.

It's good to remember. :)


superpook84 said...

You're sounding a little cocky in this one. :) Don't forget to give it up to God for giving you all the wonderful things in your life. It always seems like every time I get cocky, something happens that really hubles me. Glad to hear you guys are having a blast up there!

superpook84 said...

By huble, I mean humble :)

pastorwick said...

not cocky....thankful. :)

(and if you didn't catch it....I'm a pastor who don't say things quite right)

The One and Only said...

Watch out for hubles!