Sunday, July 20, 2008

in case you missed it...

There was a molasses spill in Sugar Land this past week. Pun intended.

So I had a free movie pass yesterday. I watched the girls while all the women from my wife's family watched "Mama Mia!" the trade off was me going to a movie last night. All signs pointed to going to see "The Dark Knight" at some point. After all, the whole world was watching it, right? Every news channel, a story was being run. Every website had fresh articles talking about it. It was officially "the buzz".

"It was seriously the best movie ever..."

"Heath Ledger was amazing, unfortunately the movie around him wasn't..."


I'm not sure exactly what it was...but something in all of that made me want to find another movie to see. At least for now. I have random bouts of not wanting to follow the masses. Even if they're doing something really cool.

So I went to see "Hellboy II". Another comic book based movie. A creature who's life could have been destined towards evil, being used to fight it for good. A really good illustration, right?

This sequel had little to nothing to do with hell, though. But Guillarmo Del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth) had some pretty amazing visual affects. This movie had more of a "trolls, elves, and fairies" type feel similar to the Labyrinth. Almost too similar at some points. His imagination went pretty deep, to the point where I wish I could've paused or slowed things down to view just how many creatures were on the screen, and their attributes.

Cheesy one liners abounded, but the movie itself was worth seeing. I'd even give it a thumb up as a good fantastical movie for teens, as I don't remember much of any cussing, and there was hardly any blood and no sex. The creatures were too scary for the young ones (the tooth fairies especially), but other than that, it was pretty good. There were even lessons there for those willing to look (or make them up):

How true peace (maybe even forgiveness?) actively seeks the benefit of the "other".
Is humanity worth saving...and if so...why?

But...I'm sure a lot of people who go to church once in a while will focus on the word "hell" in the title, and not allow their teenager to go to it. Ironically, whatever PG-13 movie they go to instead will probably have a lot more of what their parents are against in it. Ah well...

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