Thursday, July 31, 2008

NOT a fan...

Here's the army's latest recruitment technique:

Here's an article that talks more about it.

Some quotes from it's supporters:

"Beer companies have hot women. They (the Army) have a videogame"

"This is going to be me in two years, but in a real-life situation.
And I'm going to have to kill people and use real bullets."

Although this subject on the whole is something I'm probably not educated enough to talk about at length, I think something's wrong with this:

- We know a lot of people don't want to join the Army, apparently due to the stuff they see the Army doing overseas, and the public opinion of why the Army does much of what they do.

- The Army does a lot of good, life affirming work ALL AROUND the globe. They're not just killing suspected terrorists, and protecting the Holy Lands so that Jesus can come back.

- Instead of looking at our ambitions for the forces dedicated to protecting our nation and Democracy at large, we'd spend $10 Million a year to let young men and women see how fun it is to shoot a gun. Although I'm sure those involved would say there's a lot more to it, and deeper stuff going on. (which is why they parked it at Six Flags so much this past month)

We should probably do more than come up with a new advertising campaign.

Especially if this is the best we can do.


Ethiopianmomma said...

I think that the quote said by one of the supporters really hit my heart~ the one that talked about using real bullets and shooting real people. Those two things..bullets and people are not a game. I think all this does is perpetuate is the idea of "them vs us"....the "good side vs the bad side"....when this is not really true. War and the reason for an army are so much more complex than this. Soldeirs should have the utmost respect for human life, cause and effect, and the generational effects of war on civilizations, cultures, and families...a video game does not teach this. I absolutely dislike it.

Anonymous said...

You wrote:
"Although this subject on the whole is something I'm probably not educated enough to talk about at length, I think something's wrong with this:"

1. It's always a great idea to start of admitting your complete ignorance and the follow it up with your opinion.....bravo, bravo. (sarcasm) But I guess that's why people have blogs.

2. I love it (sarcasm) when people use a tiny part of an incredibly large advertisement and public educational campaign and use it to smite an organization that is the SOLE reason blogs are even allowed in this country. (free speech)

I'm sure right after a person exits the simulation there are lines of soldiers telling the participants that this is almost just like the real thing and there is nothing else to their jobs that the virtual experience didn't cover. (again I hope your picking up on the sarcasm)

In fact, I played a video game the other day call "Cops" and now I have a sudden urge to be a cop since obviously, just like the general public, I equate virtual experiences with real life. And being an American with modern entertainment I no longer possess the ability to decipher between video games and real life.

With that in mind, maybe we should have a virtual experience about being a great parent and then that will solve our entire educational problem in America!!

pastorwick said...

Ignorant though I am, I said "at length", which is why I kept my comments brief.

I'm not sure this video game has much to do with why I'm allowed to blog.

I'm not as concerned that people mistake the video games for reality. (though still concerned a bit) What I'm more concerned with is taxpayers paying $10 Million a year to entertain gamers.

But thanks for your opinion. :)

pastorwick said...

Just to clarify - I wasn't slamming the armed forces in general..or "smiting" even. I even said I believe they do a great deal of good as well.

The One and Only said...

I think this is fine, as I am sure most people don't make a huge connection between videogames and reality any more (at least I hope not). Everything has marketing these days, and I can understand the military wanting to market themselves in more enjoyable light than the 10 bazillion tons of bad press they always get in the media. Besides, this game has been out for like 10 years, although not done up big like at Six Flags this time.