Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a valid point/question/calling...?

It's from the Friendly Atheist blog, although written by Richard Wade, and not the man who sold his soul on E-bay.

Basically, it's an atheist wondering why Christians don't make more of a fuss about the people who claim to be Christian, but are actually doing/saying things that are WAY off base from the message of Jesus Christ.

He says this to Christians:
"Bigots are co-opting and hijacking your religion. They’re
promoting their hatred, abuse and domination of gays, atheists,
the followers of other religions and anybody else who doesn’t
exactly agree with them including you, all under the guise of
God’s word, the one that you say you value so much. They’re
doing despicable things in your God’s name. Your response to
this is so small, so weak and so quiet that you will have
no effect in stopping them."

What do you think? Are we responding enough? Does this man give the people "hijacking" our faith too much credit, or are we lacking in our response?

A comment from a reader of his blog brings up one valid response:
"We very much need your donations to help feed
the hungry and shelter the homeless. If you thought
for a moment that some of those donations would go
into picketing other religious institutions,
would you still donate?"

I'd like to think if something like this was happening in my city or nearby even, I'd be pretty vocal in my opinion, and in acting against things like it. Even if my church didn't want me speaking on their behalf (they probably wouldn't, I'm no good at it).

Although I'm not sure I'm the picketing type. I dunno that it accomplishes a whole lot. One statement that he says, kinda highlights what I don't like about what he's calling Christians to do:

"You say they have a bigot’s radio show? Pool your money
and get a louder show. Show boldly that they don’t speak
for you or for the God you believe in. Make it big, loud,
joyful but most importantly, effective."

I can't get down with that. Seems like you'd start an advertising/smear campaign that a lot of people would put a lot of effort/recources into, while the world continues to go unfed. Let's face it, the crazies are good at being crazy, and putting a lot into it. The lovers (agape) are good at loving. Maybe that would be labeled as an "excuse". Ah well.


Jake T said...

and it seems to me that that latter response runs counter to Jesus' method of exercising power, namely through weakness.

The goal isn't to be bigger, louder and better, the goal is to be more self-sacrificial and less self-aggrandizing.

Sarah Anne said...

Bullhorn- Nooma

We watched it in S.School on Sunday. It touches this topic,slightly talking about the guy standing in the middle of the city w/ a bullhorn blasting everyone with judgement. Katie brought up a good point- the bullhorn guy is starting to turn into those who have a "voice" through their status- who put their opinions out there on politics, social actions etc. and many hear that one Christian voice and assume that is Christianity.

Anyway, bullhorn guy- Nooma.