Thursday, August 14, 2008

cynical of cynicism...

I was reminded recently by someone I love, that it's easy to find bad things to say about anything if we're looking. Cynicism is as popular today as "Twister" ever was...and you don't have put your right hand on red. If you'd search through my 200+ posts, you'd probably find some things I've been cynical about. But I would hope you'd find less than more. So I figured the world deserved a reminder that I'm a pretty optimistic guy.

Heck, I've even been a member of the Optimist Club. Although I haven't made it much at all since becoming a father. They meet early morning, and my wife usually appreciates me spending that time at home. Whether getting ready for the day with the girls, or just hangin' out.

There are things that I get cynical about. If you know me, you probably know the specific things. But I think even the things that get me the most cynical, I don't run from or refuse to participate in/have dialogue with. I think that's where a cynic becomes unhealthy, and there is the danger of a "hermit" type existence. (I realize this whole paragraph is annoyingly vague)

So in a day and time where many of us are natural cynics, how do we continue to participate in many of the sources of our cynicism? (school systems, economy, government, religion, etc.)

I think a whole lot of what Jesus was talking about.

Love, grace, mercy, HUMILITY, etc...

There are places for incredibly relevant thoughts, and new ideas, and words that offer life. Words that bring Truth, Justice, and communicate God's Love/Hope for the world.

But how/when we offer those words may be important too. Maybe it means we spend more time working on our method of delivery, taking into mind how Christ delivered His own message to us.

Not sure what all of this means. But I've got a lifetime to practice.


Ethiopianmomma said...

I find it purely REFRESHING to be around someone who looks at something without cynicism...this is why I love hanging out with my son so much.

smokin' loon said...

Well I find this lousy... the next thing you know Wick's gonna tell us that sarcasm isn't biblical, and that Jesus was as white as all those lousy Nazarene photos indicate :)

pastorwick said...

Spidey, your mom's white.

smokin' loon said...

You got me there... really really white. I must have been adopted.