Sunday, August 17, 2008

¡Lo hicimos!

So perhaps you were able to catch the interviews with both candidates, facilitated by Rick Warren this past weekend. I missed it myself, and missed the second showing also, but was able to read the transcript online.

It seems both candidates are purpose-driven. :) In all seriousness, I think this public conversation did offer a lot to an American people who are used to being "sold" candidates, and forced to pick through 30 second rebuttals, etc. But I still think we were being sold stuff. By all 3 guys.

There were some good things to note, however:

- Whatever is needed to face the issues we are facing, it's going to take effort on the part of EVERY American. No time for pointing fingers.

- Obama said that anyone making under $150,000 a year is middle class. Rick Warren said people who make that in HIS area are considered poor. Wow. I'm more poor than I realized. Thanks guys.

- McCain is like the grandparent who keeps telling the same stories over and over again. And he's willing to go to the gates of hell to find Osama....impressed?

- Both candidates admit evil exists. Both say we need to defeat it. Obama was the only one to mention God in that process. McCain seemed to go off on an anti-terrorism tangent. I wonder if that's symbolic of anything in evangelical America today?

- (learned a bit from the interview happening, and a bit from Larry King's interview of Warren last night) Rick Warren has a lot of important "friends". His comment on the interview was something like "I happened to have two friends who are both running for president....they trusted me to have a conversation publicly with them, etc". At which point, Larry King says "you ARE a good friend, Rick"...and Rick acknowledges his friendship with Larry. Wow.

Someday maybe I can be Rick Warren's friend.

In other news, Addie's 2nd birthday celebrations went splendidly. It's the main reason I haven't posted since Friday, not to mention preaching yesterday and painting a nice ole' ladys gazebo. Thanks to all who celebrated with us, and all who sent their love. It was nice to have so much family in town, stayin' with us...and eatin' more cobbler than God intended. And I still rock at Euchre.

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