Monday, August 25, 2008

not cynical - just plain honest. :)

(a rant, not specifically to/of teenage cell phone users, but they're more often guilty)

A while back, someone was making a phone call to someone else. While they waited for the other person to answer, a thought struck them:

"I know this person is listening to whatever favorite ring-tone they've recently downloaded, and probably enjoys hearing it, and perhaps that is why they don't answer promptly."

Feeling jealous, and a bit belittled by their friend choosing to finish the refrain of their ring-tone over receiving the call right away, this person had an idea:

"What if I could be listening to a similarly cool ring-tone that this person has selected in advance for me to hear while I waited? Wouldn't that be great for both of us? Surely it'd be better than hearing this digital "ring" noise everytime....right?"

It was a horrible idea. But because everyone wants to advertise to potential callers how unique their musical tastes are, and how hip/trendy/anti-trendy they sold well. It continues to sell well, and has even grown cheaper, so that it's no longer a sign of how over-indulgently rich you are. Now it's simply an annoying option, forcing passive callers to submit to your decision to shove noise in their ears.

But I'm not sure that many of these people have called their own phones. It could just be that the relatively few people I know who have this service have picked terrible songs for such a service. Something to do with the quality of the music, the mix of the audio, or the vocals/instrumentals involved.

But seriously, I dial a number ***-***-****, and usually without warning (although sometimes the nice lady tells me to "please enjoy the music while your party is reached", but I never do) it goes from an empty soup can caught in a blender.

Note: Thinking about it makes me realize there has been ONE song I enjoyed listening to. It was the no-lyrics theme to "Rocky". Are there songs out there that work really well with this service? I'd like to give the people I call some suggestions.

Maybe it's secretly a way to get me to stop calling you. If so...I suppose it's working. :)


Jake T said...

Kyle had Jimi Hendrix on his. It wasn't half bad.

Monogenes said...

I prefer AC/DC - Big Balls.

Ethiopianmomma said...

I miss a plain old ring. Simple. Ring. Ring. "Hello". "Yes" Blah, Blah, Blah. "Thanks" "Goodbye".