Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On "going home"...

In college, we were required to plan our own funeral for a class. After singing at a man's funeral this past Monday, I realized I should probably go back and make a few changes.

A primary theme in the funeral was the celebrating of this man "going home". How Heaven and Earth were celebrating the "homecoming" of a great man...etc.

It was good. It honored the man, his family, and those who loved him.
It echoed their thoughts/beliefs/etc.

But as I sang during the services, I got a bit choked up. Not because of the song I was singing (about God's presence, etc). Not because we had lost this man. I'd never actually met him, although I'd met some of his family/friends, and he was considered a part of our church family.

But because, as much as I'm excited about being present with Jesus in paradise, and in the New Creation sometime after that. (or however that's all gonna work out) I really really love this life. Most every part of it, although the specific parts that came to mind in that moment were being a husband and a father. And how much it'd really suck to leave my daughters anytime soon. Not in a guilty, "I'm worshiping these things above God" kinda way. But in the sense of a husband. A father. A brother. A son. A friend. Etc. Someone who was created for these purposes.

This is home to me.
Albeit a home that hungers for God's complete renewal.
An incomplete home.

I think that's why I really like what light recent theology/biblical interpretation has shed on things that we've moved away from as a Church somehow. Things like new creation, and how God intends to "make all things new" as opposed to "all new things". That this life, this world, and the relationships I'm building, etc...are all, and will all become a part of what is to come.

I'm gonna get serious for a sec.

If I died tonight in my sleep, please don't tell my daughters or my wife that I've "gone home". They probably wouldn't believe you anyways, if they've listened to me.

I'm fine with them believing I'm with Jesus, and waiting along with them and the rest of creation for God to reveal Himself completely, and I want them all to continue working/enjoying towards that day. Whether it came in their lifetime or not. And based on what I read in scriptures, and have chewed on...I would then eventually return with all those who have passed...with Christ when/as He restores all things, and pours Himself out completely. A New Heaven, New Earth, combined/connected through the New Jerusalem.

Of course, I'd want my wife to go find a good-looking millionaire and remarry. But lucky for her, and my daughters, I'm planning on waking up tomorrow....:)


Ethiopianmomma said...

Moose and I were jamming to some country music today while cleaning his room and heard a song with these lyrics: I really want to go to Heaven, just not today.

pastorwick said...

"Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox If I Die", perhaps?