Sunday, July 20, 2008

an update on Todd Bentley, Lakeland Revival...etc.

Back at the end of May, you may remember my blog about the "exciting revival" happening in Florida. I'd heard about it from one of my teens, who had heard about it at church. All the amazing things that were happening, etc.

Here's an update, in case you hadn't seen the TV interviews over the past few months.

In the excitement of "saving souls", "dramatic healings", and "raising people from the dead"...all of which he could never show documentation to reporters...and like any human who focuses a bit too much on himself...he messed up.

Unfortunately, not before thousands and thousands of people gathered under his leadership/influence. May we pray for the healing of Mr.Bentley and his family. May we also be in prayer for those whose faith/lives have been uprooted and/or shaken by all that has gone on.

All subsequent tours in America and Europe have been cancelled or postponed, and he is taking "a year off from public ministry", etc.

In other news...I still believe the Kingdom of God is here, and is coming. But I hope we've learned a little bit more about what it might...and might not....look like.

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