Wednesday, August 20, 2008

when nouns become verbs...

I read books. I drink coffee. I watch Dora.

These are all easily understood, noun/verb/noun combinations. They make sense.

My wife goes CVSing.

According to the rules of the English language (which are observed about as much as the "no food on the church bus" rule) this sentence doesn't make sense.

But according the rules of our household, our wallets, and our bank account...this sentence makes a TON of sense. You haven't heard me say much yet, but prompted by my wife getting excited about another man blogging about his wife's new hobby.....I figured I owe Sarah a lil' somethin'.

It all started a couple months ago-ish? We were watching a show on TV, and a woman was talking about the concept of using coupons at the same time as a sale was going on in a specific store. Apparently, when you do that, especially when coupons are doubled or can save BUTT-LOADS of money on everyday stuff. Suuuure, we thought. Then she actually showed the camera her receipt. My wife was hooked.

It began like a snowball going down a very steep, very short hill. But lots of snow, nonetheless.

It didn't take long for her to realize the deals at every local store, and the websites that keep track of them for you. You can check her blog for regular updates/deals. It likewise didn't take long for her to find out that CVS was no longer a noun! Seriously, the weekly deals, freebies, coupons, etc....provide my wife a treasure hunt comparable to any Easter Egg hunt at your local mega-church. It also seems to act as a sort of "therapy" to the stresses/confines of an incredible Stay-at-Home-Mom.

True, sometimes she comes home with enough toothpaste to last a year. Or products neither of us have ever heard of before, or heard of but never wanted to try. But to date I've eaten more Chex Mix this summer than the past 2 years combined, and if that isn't enough...well, I don't know what is.

All that to say, Mrs. Anderson.....I salute you. And your hobby. I'll still make fun of it sometimes, because hey....Soy Joy bars? 6 Hour Energy Drinks? But you can point right back, cause I eat 'em. And because it saves us money for coffee and diapers...and that ain't bad...:)


Jake T said...

Verbing wierds language.

Ethiopianmomma said...

She is also an evangelist for CVS..spreading the word where ever she goes. Shoot she has almost got us hooked. :)