Friday, August 15, 2008

Who's the "purpose-driven" candidate?

So in my routine, "checking the top stories", etc...this morning. I noticed this story about what was happening at Saddleback Church in California this Saturday.

Do I admire the fact that Rick Warren's message (Purpose-Driven, etc.) has been so well received (or sold), that it's impact has drawn both Presidential Candidates to submit themselves to Him/His followers for a special interview time?

The old "What Would Jesus Do?" when you look at the growing political/evangelical influence this man is gaining. Is God using Him, or is God using Him despite Him? (hopefully you can see there that I obviously believe God IS using him)

It's obviously a good move for both candidates. You KNOW this book has been a best seller, especially in the USA, and anyone with a library has a copy...whether they've read it or not, and whether they like it or not. (or at least they've been given a copy at some point, and decided not to keep it)

The people who LOVE the book (which seems to be millions), will probably pay VERY close attention to the author when he's mentioned in the news. (or random blogs) As a candidate, it's a pretty good bet that allowing yourself an interview with this man will give a chance for millions of people to recognize that:

If you're Obama - "see, I care about poor people just like Rick Warren does, and even though your junior highers and grandma's are telling you I'm a Muslim, I'm obviously not! I'm hitching my cart to Rick Warren's horse! Vote for me!"

If you're McCain - "see, I'm an evangelical (and everything THAT means) who's hip enough to realize that James Dobson is nothing compared to Rick Warren. I'm hitching my wagon to his horse! Vote for me!"

Do both candidates seek to get the stamp of being "purpose-driven"? Or maybe one of 'em will totally surprise us by disagreeing with Rick Warren........not likely.

Thankfully, we can all watch it on CNN at 5pm that night.

Footnote: I probably love the book. It's okay. Millions of people can't be wrong, right? I like the first line of the book, "It's not about you."

Although, I do think it's interesting that Warren wants to "mobilize over 1 billion Christians to attack 5 Global giants - spiritual emptiness, corrupt leadership, poverty, disease and illiteracy."

Purpose-Driven Christians need their purposes, I suppose...5 is a nice, achievable number. Although I think he could've stuck with 4. My daughter can't read, and she's doin' alright.

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Monogenes said...

Illiteracy is just redundant anyways, he already had that one covered under poverty. Of course there are poor people that can read, but more than likely most illiterate people are poor :).