Monday, September 01, 2008

and the award goes to...


Thanks to all who contributed to the ability to go "Man-Camping" last night. To the Redden's, who let us use their random property halfway to Clinton. To Jason, for the sleeping bag that actually zipped. To Noah, for the ride to the camping site, and for a few hours of entertaining fire-time. To the wives who couponed/made cards through the night, while their husbands "manned" it up. And to my campin' comrades....Jake and Jonah, for sharing the entire experience.

No tent. No utensils. No "site" pre-made. Just hiked into the woods...down Central Illinois' 1st big hill, and then immediately hiking up Central Illinois' 2nd hill. At the top...the perfect place.

An evening of chillin' by the fire, talking about life, books, music; and playing a little music ourselves. Finally we decided it was time to douse the of course.

The evening continued through mosquito's singin' in our ears. An owl reminded us of its' existence proudly at 2am....scaring me more than a little. Just startled though....I'm a man.

Woke up with the sun around 6-ish, and watched/listened as a random very large deer came close to watch us. He sneezed a few times, blew his nose, and walked away.

Restarted the fire (I love doing the "morning after" fire....building the wood.....stoking the coals.....and fueling with just enough oxygen by blowing on it to ignite what's been's like Christmas.) and we made some coffee in Jake's nifty Nalgene contraption (like a camping french-press really).

Came home and untied my shoes for the first time since the day before. Reeking of smoke and sweat (and a lil' dirty). Learned what a spiny spider was finally now that I'm home, and that they're not dangerous. But they look stinkin' cool.

No pictures to was man-camping.
Who would think to bring a camera?
You can imagine how stinkin' cool it all was.

And be jealous...


Brady said...

Oh, I'm definitely jealous.

Sarah Anne said...

Sounds like we need to go camping more often. I didn't know you liked it sooo much. :<) Of course, maybe camping is different when you bring 3 girls in the picture. No exactly "man camping"- we need the gear. :<)