Thursday, September 25, 2008

Holiness: between the pages...

So in the midst of reading some really great thoughts/insights on Holiness, I'm reminded that words hardly convey what all is actually involved. The closest we get in our discussions involve specific situations and lives involved in the Holiness of God being revealed in our world.

Stories of grace, of inclusive love, of living according to the Kingdom of God that is here, yet unseen. Proclaiming it's existence. Revealing it. Making it seen. This Kingdom that exists by a different way. This is not social status. This is not planning ahead for success or growth. This is not trying really hard and stressing out to become a recreation of any church body that has existed before. This is the Kingdom of Love. Fueled/given Life by the very Spirit of Jesus.

It is found in small things. In letting someone ahead of you in line. In using coupons, not so you can get tons of stuff, but so that you have something to share. In sharing a moment of humanity with someone the world passes by; not out of pity, but out of community. In slowing down, opening the sunroof, and recognizing your place in the whole of creation that proclaims the existence of God's reign and rule.

It is found in large things. In forgiving the unforgivable. In letting go of debts. In deciding something very large as a community that communicates grace to even one person. In sacrificing your desires/wants or even your view of "how things should be" to reveal God's Love to someone else...even if they think you're just a loon.

All of this sounds mushy. Like either I'm a hippy with my flip-flops up on the desk smokin' some love-bud....or I'm a momma's boy who's way too in touch with emotions, and I need to go hunting and skin an animal or somethin'. I should probably read a book about how being a man is all about being a "hero", and "rescuing princesses". How I've been created as that kind of adventure seeking testosterone pumped hairy chested football loving beer can smashing feller for God.

But I'm not smokin' anything, no longer a momma's boy ( I think I was for a bit), and I think Sarah Palin is probably more manly than I'll ever be. I'm cool with that.

No worries, I'm not gonna run around giving hugs and passing out flowers. But the fact that God's Kingdom has a LOT to do with the kind of love mentioned previously is definitley having an impact on my life.


Bethany said...

Do you think that love and holiness are the same thing?

theorings said...

What,? Holy, Pages... you ,,,,,are no longer a Momma's boy?


Well, actually,, when was it you thought you were one, for just,,, a little,while?

Actually you were, I do,,remember!!(Toddler).

funny guy.. I think you should be hugging, passing out flowers,, or, ??!!