Sunday, September 07, 2008

Holiness: In the 21st Century...

If you see the first word "Holiness" in the title over the next while, you'll know it's my thoughts on a section of the book "Holiness Manifesto" I've finally received.

With the title containing the word "manifesto", it includes a bit of confusion for me as to the purpose of the book itself. This introduction does a great job at motivating the reader to continue, and to be excited for the purposes of this book.

I like what he says about the 20th century evangelical movement to "take over and dominate culture" probably being "counterproductive to Kingdom purposes. This Holiness movement was and is never about creating a Christian subculture, or even in domination of what is considered popular...politically OR socially.

Basically, the purpose of this collaboration of 10 denominations, seems to be connected to this: "a commitment to a personal transformation of life that has social and public impact around Kingdom principles consistent with the nature of God.....a discussion regarding the identity and mission of the church for the next generation and beyond."

The section on context basically gives a context (past and present) for biblical and radical holiness. It it summarized/pinnacled in the final sentence, a statement made by Howard Snyder in his book from 1980:

"Perhaps Western culture is nearing a point where the Christian faith can be
successfully reintroduced. Maybe the collapse of the present order will lead
to a new outbreak of revolutionary (holiness-oriented) Christianity."

The actual Manifesto section can be found in its entirety here. Fresh Eyes on Holiness section can be found in it's entirety here. They are the basic "call" reaching out across social/economic/denominational divides and saying "lets think about this, and think about it actively".

PRAXIS (actually living things out as opposed to just theories) seems to be a very important aspect of the thoughts going on opposed to just a bunch of ties nodding heads to each other at an expensive hotel conference center. (which was the image I got at first, probably through the pictures of lots of men in ties located at a hotel conference center posted on their website.) I'm looking forward to reading more of what those involved have written here. :)

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