Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Indescribable (part 2)

We sometimes call "giving our entire lives", and being "transformed by the Spirit" Holiness. And "Holiness" becomes the goal of our individual and corporate lives. The "end", that we're all working towards. Comparing it to Giglio, Holiness has become in a spiritual sense, the "awesome universe" type thing. We say "see, God is so holy, and becoming involved in His Holiness, allows you to handle all that life throws at you."

But why? "Cause God said 'be holy', and that's good enough for me."
Okay. But for what purpose has God said it?

If there's ever been a time for us to be preaching the good news of the Kingdom of's now. Holiness is NOT the "end result" of a life striving for God. Holiness is not even the main goal. It's much more important than that.

We pursue holiness, we pursue a life-transforming, actual being-changing, Spirit-moving-in-and-through kinda thing.....not so we can step back and say "look, that's what Holiness is", or even "hurray, I've done it!". We are called to do these things, to live and build towards the now and coming Kingdom of God. To proclaim the reign and rule of God into the world today.

So yes, God IS big. Big enough to handle my life. Sure.
He's I'd hope so.

But as Louie illustrated, my life is pretty small in the grand scheme of things. So I think it's even more incredible that this small planet, and these tiny people are in many ways being used to usher in the very Kingdom of God! To proclaim the reign and rule of God to all of creation (including the entire known universe...although not much vocal proclaiming is needed outside our atmosphere that we know of)! In that sense, the picture that's much larger than what it offers my life...but at the same time, what I can be a part of...THAT is indescribable.

That's a "why" I can very much get behind. The "why" of the universe being so stinkin' incredible. The "why" of becoming involved in the pursuit of holiness. It's like the "42" of reality.

And I think we need to teach/preach/live it more often that is done.

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