Tuesday, September 02, 2008

indescribable...(part one)

Recently watched Louie Giglio's worship DVD message entitled "Indescribable" again. Can't remember the first time I watched it, or much about it...so let's just say it was my first time.

He said a lot of facts about how huge the universe is. Awesome. Indescribable. Yup. Illustrations that hardly even grasp at it. Can't remember exactly the one he used, but something to the effect of, "the earth in the known universe is like the size of a pin-prick in the USA" or something crazy like that.

And so, the rationale follows that the God who created all of these things by merely "speaking them into existence" must be "larger" than all of these things, right? Awesome. Indescribable.

And all that he was saying continued to beg the question....so? Or at least....so what are you intensely trying to say, Louie? (he was sweating, eyes bulging, like a scary gym instructor who wants you to lose 20 pounds before you leave today) So what was the all-encompassing point he was making with all of these incredible facts and pictures?

Something like, "See....God is big enough to handle the things in your life." I think I liked all the facts/pictures/etc...without him adding this part. God is infinitely awesome...and it's great, and worship-inducing to realize that.

Now, I can understand that there are times in our lives where we definitely need to hear this "God is bigger" message. We need to know/believe that there is something bigger out there than the stuff we go through. And we're just a hint selfish enough to hope this "bigger thing" is on "our" side.

But lately, I've been reminded by people/things/scripture of how much we unfortunately stop at this point. It makes a great sales pitch, even from the perspective of giving instead of getting. I listen and believe God can handle my life, so I "give it to him". Then I try harder and harder to make sure I'm "giving it to him", and that I'm telling people how great it is that God "has my life"...etc.


Bethany said...

For me, it's not so much that.... I love that video! It's a reminder to me of how big, how great, how awesome, how incredible he and his creation is. I think we are sometimes guilty of putting God in a box and just concentrating on what he can do for us or even what he seems not to be doing. This video reminded me a lot of God in a bigger picture. It's a video of worship!

And the end is awesome, I'm not sure if you've seen it or not yet....

pastorwick said...

yeah, I did really like it, for the most part. I enjoyed his reminder that every inch of this infinitely expanding universe is proclaiming how "awe"some God is.

Tomorrow's post will bring this around to a better point. :) It was too long for just one.

Cassie said...

hey now... I don't like this dissin' on Louis. We have to remember that this is not every message he gives. Taking one message to the extreme... sure - we can't only dwell on how huge God is. There are other things, too. But this is one message. And definitely an important one.

Sorry. I usually try not to dispute opinions. But this hit home with me.

pastorwick said...

hehe...still a Giglio fan..no worries. (although you gotta admit, he is a bit like the picture-perfect gym instructor guy) Was more a statement of the points where Christianity focuses too much on what God offers the individual.

the post isn't finished yet. :)