Friday, September 05, 2008


There have been a couple times in my life that my diet has been forced to consist of mostly liquids.

The first, when I had a nissan-fundleplycation back in High School. I grew up with Acid Reflux (heartburn), and it was burning a hole through my esophagus, so they went in, and tightened the top of my stomach to make it a "one way" valve. So yah, I can't burp much, and can't puke at all (which is worse than it sounds)....but I don't ever have heartburn, which rocks.

After the surgery, I couldn't even drink stuff for a while. Just a pink sponge dabbed on my tongue whenever my mouth got dry. But after that I could only eat Jello, and pudding and what-not for a couple weeks at least. I lost like 30 pounds that I would keep off until college. :)

The second, was last year. I had my tonsils removed, which was incidentally the worst pain I've ever experienced. The result of such a sore throat, kept me on water for a LONG time. A couple weeks went by, adding small things like pudding and soft cheese, etc. I lost like 20 pounds, that I've definitely gained back since then.

So why bring this up? My brother-in-law Ben is going under the knife later this month for a surgery that requires him to do a liquid diet until the 16th. Prompted both by the desire to be in prayer for him, and also to be the "always take a dare" kinda guy that I am....I committed to endure the liquid diet together.

So starting this past Tuesday night, I stopped eating solid foods. It's now friday, and I'm hungry as all get out. The previous two occasions for this diet, I was in such pain, I didn't care to eat much anyways. This is different. I see food. I smell food. I want food. :)

So we'll see what happens. At the starting point, I weighed in at 197 lbs. (huge, I know...but it's ALL muscle...hehe). Until the 16th, I'll be drinking instant breakfasts, eating fat-free pudding, and drinking bouillion.

It'll be tough on the Mrs. too, cause she's a big fan of making full meals lately, gettin' all creative with her cooking with some of her room-mates from college. But she'll love being able to make all sorts of vegetables with no complaints...hehe.

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