Sunday, September 07, 2008

to quote Seinfeld....."I'm Out!"

although in this case: food.

So you may remember just a couple days ago, I posted my ambitions to make it until September 16th on only a liquid diet. Out of solidarity with my brother-in-law, and kinda like a "dare" type situation....and I was totally gonna do it too.

I lasted through Maid-Rites. Lasted through offers of free lunch. Lasted through an ultimate frozen pizza with garlic bread crust being cooked in my very own house. Lasted through our giant church picnic yesterday with all sorts of amazing dishes/desserts.

On the way home from the picnic, I passed a church sign that read, "The more we see a temptation, the more attractive it becomes." My stomach agreed.

That afternoon, Sarah's family called to see if she wanted to come over for some pizza they were ordering for dinner. She went, leaving me with the girls so I wouldn't have to see the pizza up close. I sat down to feed Sophie and Addie. I was spooning rice cereal into Sophie's mouth, as Addie sat next to us, munching on her Cheez-It crackers. (one of my vice's)

Out of nowhere, my daughter grabs 3 crackers, and holds them out to me, saying:
"Daddy want some?"

Something inside me broke.

We knocked out at least half the box of cheez-its, and it was amazing. Addie was giddy cause she was a 2 year old eating cheez-its...I was giddy because I hadn't eaten in almost 5 days. Sophie was giddy cause she just got a poop out. It was definitely a funny scene.

So I fell. I lasted 5 of the indended 14 days. I lost 4 or 5 pounds. But at least I've experienced a small part of the hunger he's going through. Funny thing is, most days I wasn't crazy hungry. Just "I want to chew and swallow something with more taste/texture" hungry.

Last night I went out and bought the most expensive frozen pizza I could find at Kroger, and ate over half of it. Washed it down with some green tea, and a S'Mores Poptart.


Monogenes said...

You are a very healthy individual

pastorwick said...

Hey now...I hear the sarcasm. :)