Tuesday, October 07, 2008


So the NHL kicked off this past weekend in Europe. Yup, you heard me. Europe. The NHL is trying really really hard to gain it's American fan base back to where it was back in the ESPN days. The lockout and just bad press, and not much work on public perception has allowed one of the greatest things our country still somehow controls to become increasingly less popular.

So what do they do in order to increase their American fan-base?

The first 2 games of the season, were played with HUGE advertising, and HUGE fanfare....in Prague and Stockholm. Great idea.

I'm not stupid. Or at least, I realize a TON of players in the NHL are from these areas. But I just think they could have picked, or even created other "special" dates to play overseas. Are they actually teasing the European nations, tempting them to try and have their leagues rival the NHL? Do they not remember being sued by the Canadian leagues during the lock-out for Lord Stanley's Cup? (The cup goes to whatever league is the world's leading hockey league) Or maybe they're moving towards an "IHL" (International Hockey League).

Anyway, all that frustration aside, and still hoping they can build up to a ESPN level in the next few years so people don't have to pay extra just to see a sport they love...

I think Detroit stands to win another cup this year. Many hockey "experts" are predicting it as well....so you know it's not just a blind fan saying it. Although I think we could have done without re-signing Chelios physically - I do think it was good for team morale. He's right up there with Lidstrom as far as leadership and inspiration for the team.

Chicago will do much better this year....and the year all around will be crazy. They've arranged the schedule so that each team will play against each team at least once. The past 3 years, they were on a year-by-year rotation - to make sure each team played each other once in those 3 years. This allowed more rivals to form, etc. Now that some of those rivals have been rekindled, they're gonna go ahead and change formats again.

Ah well....I'm gettin' tickets to Wings vs. Blues in Saint Louis on March 14th....anyone else in???


Monogenes said...

I'm in, but if you're going I want to sit near you. Otherwise I'm sitting near the glass.

Monogenes said...

I also get to go on Oct 22nd. To see them play. HAHA!