Wednesday, October 15, 2008

atheists respond to secret church shoppers...

...and especially as pastors, and people who care how our churches are could be a very important post for us to be aware of. Thanks to the Friendly Atheist for this post.

The language could use some censorship, but check it out....

A portion:

"Or maybe they don’t care about reaching people like me (atheists). Maybe they just want to bring in more Christians — those who go to competing churches. But I would hope those Christians are also not swayed by the weeds in the parking lot instead of what the church says and does.

I’ve been inside many churches that were gorgeous buildings, inside and out. The people I met when I visited were kind and sweet. The whole sermon was like a wonderful Broadway show. The performances was incredible. And, yes, the bathrooms were very nice as well."

Some good points throughout the article. Many, many things in our church will affect atmosphere, and unfortunately some people will choose/not choose our church based on that. Based on how the church appeals to their newborn/toddler/child/teen/college kid/themselves/their senior parents/etc. Even in context of youth ministry, where the desire to be everything the teens want you to be exists.

But our foundation, our source, our life - what we speak AND what we live as a community, goes much further than any "secret church shopper" could ever discover. And that is NOT an excuse to do ministry's a calling to be the Church God enables and calls us to be.

May our lives, and the life of our church embody the prayer Jesus taught his disciples...

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