Saturday, October 18, 2008

Breakdown of Macon Co. Ballot

Already covered Constitutional Convention, and you probably know presidential stuff already. So we'll go in order with other stuff: (vote for one, unless otherwise stated)

US Senator: Dick Durbin, Kathy Cummings (her actual site was down), Steve Sauerberg, Larry Stafford, or Chad Koppie

Congress - Find your Rep. here
15th Congressional Dist. Rep: Steve Cox, Timothy Johnson
17th Congressional Dist. Rep: Phil Hare, Write in Me if you'd want. :)
18th Congressional Dist. Rep: Colleen Callahan, Sheldon Schafer, Aaron Schock

State Senate 44th Dist.: Bill Brady, No Opponent
State Senate 51st Dist.: Frank Watson, No Opponent

Rep. for G.A. 101st Dist: Bob Flider, No Opponent
Rep. for G.A. 87th Dist.: Bill Mitchell, No Opponent

MACON COUNTY: (no fancy websites for most of these people)
State's Attorney: Jack Ahola, No Opponent
Circuit Clerk: John H. Trusner, Lois Durbin
Recorder: Mary Tangney Eaton, Damon Cross
Coroner: Michael Day, No Opponent
County Auditor: Amy Stockwell, No Opponent

Macon County Board: (check here for which dist. you are, Dist.1-3 vote for 2)
Dist. 1: Melverta Wilkins, Linda Little
Dist. 2: William Oliver, Jerry Potts, Tom Greanias
Dist. 3: Jay Dunn, Tim Dudley, Dawn Hagan
Dist. 4: Joe McGlaughlin
Dist. 5: Gary Mathias, Phillip Hogan
Dist. 6: David Williams
Dist. 7: Edward Yoder (4 yrs), Michael Spent or Kevin Greenfield (2 yrs.)

REGIONAL SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS: (Dewitt, McLean, Livingston Counties)
Mark Jontry, No Opponent - not quite sure why this is on our ballot, unless someone lives in one county, but attends school in the other. Our RS is this guy.

Voting to retain each of the judges found in the current Appellate and Circuit Courts? Check back tomorrow for a quick explanation of these court systems.

1 - Oakley to increase maximum annual road tax rate from .50 to .75?
2 - Blue Mound - for or against forming an official "Park District"?
3 - Blue Mound - if for, write in a Park District Commissioner (none running).
4 - Warrensburg - should Warrensburg continue to employ 3 full-time police officers?
5 - Warrensburg - Should Warrensburg spend $12,000,000 so they can build and equip an addition connecting the middle and high schools, and improve the sites?

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