Wednesday, October 22, 2008

correction.... :(

So after checking a little bit, I learned something about running for a Congressional Rep. in the state of Illinois. A few days ago, I posted that you could write me in for the 17th District, because Phil Hare was running unopposed.

But according to this picture, you can't.

I live in the 18th District, right across the street from the 17th. (the green area is 17th)

So if I was actually desiring to run for Congressional Rep., I'd have to run against Colleen Callahan, Aaron Schock and Sheldon Schafer. I think that boat already has enough people in it to sink.

But thanks to a little site called "Run For Office", if I ever want to run for something again, I'll know exactly how to go about it. hehe. Go ahead and click it...see what offices YOU could be running for.

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